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new_icon Sandra Faber receives prestigious Bruce Gold Medal The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), one of the oldest and most respected astronomy societies in the United States, has awarded the 2012 Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal to Sandra Faber, University Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz. The award recognizes Faber for her lifetime achievements in astronomical research. More -- 06/01/2012

CANDELS Team Member Adam Riess Wins Nobel Prize for Dark Energy! CANDELS team member Adam Riess, has shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Brian Schmidt and Saul Perlmutter for using distant supernovae to discover dark energy in the Universe. Extending and improving this program is a major goal of the CANDELS Survey. Learn more at the Nobel Prize website. -- 10/4/2011

The first CANDELS data in GOODS-S Deep Epoch 1 were obtained. A color composite showing the first 10 orbits of CANDELS observations (including also the test orbit that was obtained in August) is shown on the right. This image was produced by Anton Koekemoer (STScI) using data from the WFC3/IR F125W and 160W exposures, and is approximately 14 arcminutes across. Click here for the full CANDELS observations schedule. -- 10/11/2010

The first CANDELS test orbit data were obtained on 5 Aug 2010. A color composite made from the WFC3/IR F125W and F160W images is shown on the right. -- 8/10/2010

902 orbits of Hubble Space Telescope observing time awarded to the CANDELS survey to study the evolution of the Universe in the first third of cosmic time. -- 3/15/2010 [UCSC Press Release]

Media coverage in response to the first CANDELS press release: Baltimore Sun, SpaceRef.com, Universe Today, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bowling Green Daily News, Newsweek. -- 3/15/2010