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The CANDELS Survey

CANDELS makes use of the near-infrared WFC3 camera (top row) and the visible-light ACS camera (bottom row). Using these two cameras, CANDELS will reveal new details of the distant Universe and test the reality of cosmic dark energy.


CANDELS: A Cosmic Odyssey

CANDELS is a powerful imaging survey of the distant Universe being carried out with two cameras on board the Hubble Space Telescope.


What will CANDELS measure?

CANDELS is designed to focus on two critical epochs in cosmic evolution.

At "Cosmic Dawn", less than 1 billion years after the Big Bang, the first seeds of cosmic structure began to take shape. Here CANDELS will:

At "Cosmic High Noon", 2-4 billion years after the Big Bang, galaxies went on a growth splurge as huge gravity-driven rivers of gas flowed into them along the "cosmic web". Here CANDELS will:

Throughout the three-year cosmic odyssey of CANDELS, our team of over 100 astronomers from 12 countries will be reporting regularly on our important findings. Return here to see pictures and read our news.